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Help Jdude get across the line in Wisconsin

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In 2012 Justin Knight, aka JDude, spent nearly 12 hours at home and most of it in front of his computer. He was depressed at times, and seeking greater fulfillment. Most of his friends had moved on from high school and he did not have much to do each day. His mother spent most days working to support Jdude, and as a result, both of them were out of shape.

On facebook in 2012, they saw the Pease brothers and were inspired to join. Since joining forces with the Pease brothers in 2012 mom (Teresa) and Jdude have completed three marathons, including the famed New York City Marathon.

In 2015 JDude took on his first full Ironman and finished with a fist held high and a GIANT smile spread across his face. When he finished he stated, "I want a job!" Okay, well maybe not that quick but his finish showed him that anything was possible. That changed his hope from a fleeting thought to something tangible he could focus on.

Today Jdude is the communications guru for KPF and processes over 1700 tax letters a year. He races and supports inclusion far and wide and is looking forward to his second Ironman this fall.

Let's all support JDude and create more opportunities for inclusion!

Together WE Wheel!